Forged Followers Family

Cole and Jamie Campbell ran and directed Kingdom Builders Training Center in Mae Sot, Thailand on the border of Burma for several years, serving Myanmar migrants and refugees. They focused on vocational training and life skills to help provide opportunities for jobs and future employment as well as spiritual direction, trauma healing and community engagement.

As a family of 5, with the help of a few faithful teachers and translators, they focused on modeling healthy community and family. Success came in the form of developing healthy attachments, opposing tribes working together, developing reliable and honorable employees and building confidence to design, create and lead their own projects.

The Campbells loved running Kingdom Builders and serving their community, but in 2019 the Lord started preparing their hearts for a transition. A transition that would lead them back to America to start Forged Followers. Father God cast a vision and gave them an excitement to invest into men in America. They look forward to serving and living as a family with this new vision and purpose.

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